Privacy Policy

Speee, Inc. ("Speee") understands the importance of protectiing the Personal Information and abides byAct on the Protection of Personal Information of Japan (“Act on the Protection of Personal Information”). In this Privacy Policy, the way Speee deals with Personal Information through our service ("Service") is shown.
Definition of Personal Information and Person-Related Information

In this Privacy Policy, “Personal Information” means information which is defined in Article 2, Paragraph 1 of the Personal Information Protection Law, that is, information related to a living individual and by which a specific individual can be identified, such as name or date of birth (including information that can be easily analyzed with other information so that a specific individual can be identified).

"Speee does not collect any Personal Information in the Service. However, Speee may collect the information about users' behavior ("Person-Related Information") in order to provide advertising contents consistent with their interests.

Speee also tries to deal with Person-Related Information appropriately to protect the Service users' privacy."

In this Privacy Policy, "Person-Related Information" is defined to be information related to individual privacy with which no specific individual can be identified. Personal-Related Information includes Cookie information, IP addresses, information on identifiers of contractors or devices and log information on Internet use including location and browser history (page URLs, page titles and referrers).

Use of Cookie to obtain Personal-Related Information

Speee may collect users' Personal-Related Information using Cookies in order to provide the Service.

The main purpose of using Personal-Related Information includes measurement the effects of advertisements, providing targeted advertisements (e.g. behavior-based targeted advertisement service) in connection with third party data operators and improving quality of the Service.

Kind of Personal-Related Information collected using Cookies

Kinds of Personal-Related Information Speee may collect include information on:

  • 1. IP addresses
  • 2. User agent
  • 3. Display resolution
  • 4. Browser history (page URLs, page titles and referrers)
  • 5. Cookie IDs
Information Security

Speee tries to improve its control system on information security in order to prevent loss, destruction, modification, manipulation and divulgation of information asset including Personal-Related Information and to properly protect Personal-Related Information.

Speee also tries to take measures with human and technical resources needed to cover information security risk.


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